Share Android VPN Connection Over Hotspot Via TetherNet

Good day to y'all, its a very calm day out here, without wasting much of your time I would like to quickly show you simple methods that will enable you share/tether your VPN connection from your android phone to either your personal computer (PC) or other devices such as your iPhone, Xbox, Windows Phone, PlayStation, TV or any WiFi enabled device you get reach of, by following all the instructions that will be given below this post.

There are several applications on the internet that can be used for this purpose, but I will be using one of the best of them all on this post, because of its flexibility, stability, effectiveness and simplicity. I have tested most VPN tethering application in the past, but has not yet found any other application like TetherNet - VPN Tethering, when it comes to sharing of your VPN connection from android phones.

What Is TetherNet - VPN Tethering?

TetherNet is a VPN Tethering application that allows you to share your VPN connection easily through Hotspot or USB tethering. With just a single click, you can get everyone to be in the same VPN network without any hassle. However, the application REQUIRES ROOT for it to work, and it is offered by Firanalda.

Before you continue with the below steps, I will advice you to Tether your internet connection first either by Wifi Hospot or USB and get all the devices connected. If in case it shows "Identifying...", wait until it is properly connected before continuing. Once all devices are connected successfully, tune on your VPN (e.g. VPN Master, AnonyTun, TunnelBear, Psiphon etc.), then you can continue with the steps below to have your VPN connection shared successfully.

How To Share/Tether VPN Connection With TetherNet - VPN Tethering

  • Open Google Playstore to download TetherNet - VPN Tethering to your phone or click HERE for Installation.
  • Open your phone App Drawer/App Menu to location and open the TetherNet - VPN Tethering application that was just installed.
  • Select VPN from the first line of buttons that says Select your internet connection.
  • Now select Hotspot on the second line of buttons that says, where do you want to forward the network.
  • Finally, Now click on the last big button (Star Connection) to have your VPN connection shared.
Note: If no VPN was enabled before clicking on Start Connecting button, you will likely get a text toast on your screen which says Please connect to a VPN first! But if you had enabled VPN on your phone before clicking on the Start Connection button, you will notice a Connect share through WLAN Hotspot text toast, which means success.

Also remember to grant ROOT PERMISSION when you are asked when trying to use TetherNet - VPN Tethering.

Now run a test on each and every device that is connected to your VPN enabled phone to confirm if you did everything accordingly.

For any complaint(s) about this post, please make sure to drop it at the comment box below for it to be attended to quickly.