Wednesday, June 20

MTN Double Data Offer Still Working – See How To Activate In 2018

MTN Double Data Offer Still Working – See How To Activate In 2018

It has become worrisome to the general public since the Grand Master of Data Globacom Nigeria (or GLO) has recently revisited their data plans by reducing the amount given to her customers, which has bereaved many of the users to search for alternatives or better plans because the amount of data given to them now seems not to be enough due to being used for downloading of huge files online before the reduction.
mtn double data offer
I myself has been asked by several family and friends to aid them with a data plan that would be enough for their monthly use. For a moment I thought of the Airtel Blackberry (BB) 3GB plan with N1000 for 30 days, which can also be used on Android phones now, but that will require one tweaking his/her IMEI to enjoy it and on the other hand, only enjoyable by MTK Phone Users and few other devices that can get their IMEI tweaked by using special methods like HTC Phones (which I will be posting on a later post), just then I recalled about the MTN Double Data Offer.
MTN double data offer has been around the corner for some time now, precisely since last year. But just that the procedure known for getting the offer was different because it required one’s phone IMEI to be tweaked with series of digits which wasn’t easy. But by end of last year we came up with a simpler which I call the SMS Method that still works as this post is written, just follow the procedure below to get started.
How to activate MTN Double offer via SMS
  • Send DOUBLE to 131
  • Send PROMO to 131
  • Send FREE to 131

Send the following commands in the order they are arranged to 131 via SMS with your MTN line.

You should receive a series of replies, some of which may not make sense. All that matters Is the last reply that should read “Dear Customer, enjoy Data offer on MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#”
Check the screenshot below to be sure you did the right thing
mtn double data offer
You can now go ahead to subscribe to any plan once you receive the final reply as it is in the screenshot above. Simply dial *131*1# and select your desired plan, then dial *131*4# to confirm your double data bonus immediately your plan is activated.
Note that this double data offer is only available for data bundles activated with the *131*1# used code, and the validity of the bonus data is the same as the plan you subscribe for.


For any observation whatsoever, please don't hesitate to bring it to my notice by using the comment box below.

Wednesday, March 14

MUSIC: Dmaster'skey - Vote of Thanks (Thank You God)

MUSIC: Dmaster'skey - Vote of Thanks (Thank You God)

Dmaster'skey - Vote of Thanks (Thank You God)

The song Vote of Thanks is a song of appreciation to God Almighty for His faithfulness, goodness and unconditional love towards us. Psalms 124:2,3 says if it had not been for the Lord who's on our side, we would have been swallowed up. God is our present help even when no one cares or understands. 

Dmaster'skey is a Pastor and a singer from Bayelsa State, Southern part of Nigeria. Not much is known about him for now because this is his first single track he has released. More to come...

Enjoy the song!

Saturday, February 17

MUSIC: Klemzyy - Good Woman

MUSIC: Klemzyy - Good Woman

Klemzyy - Good Woman

Klemzyy aka Clement Owgho is a Delta State born up coming Artist that has intense love for great music said, he was inspired to write this song because of a generous hard working girl he met few years ago, and how she contributed to his life as a woman, and that he believes there are also other good women out there that does similar things.

You can contact him via the details provided on the album cover above.

Thanks for Downloading...

Monday, August 28

9Mobile Free Browsing Settings via Stark VPN (2017)

9Mobile Free Browsing Settings via Stark VPN (2017)

Hello fellows, it’s going to be a very long week for me, I would have posted this early than this today, I am sorry it’s coming late from me to you. This is because I was actually trying to crack the Glo Free Browsing Cheat that has been blocked for some days now. The good news is that I was able to arrive at a point, but will be posting that later when it’s more stable for use.
9mobile Free Browsing Settings
But for the mean time we all should be using this 9mobile Free Browsing Tweak which is working still as i write this post with Stark VPN, but capped to 60MB daily. This cheat will be of great help for those of us that do not have enough money to subscribe to a Data Bundle at the moment and those who wouldn't want to use their subscribed Data to be used for Streaming Football matches or videos on Youtube, because of the cost of  Data bundles.

If we all can recall, 9mobile free browsing has been there for a while, since the days of Tweakware and even before Glo AnonyTun Free Browsing, but it got blocked when the new name 9mobile (formally Etisalat) was embraced about a month ago.
We should hope for a better future where it was be unlimitedly used for browsing and downloading again, just like the way the Glo Free Browsing Tweak via AnonyTun was recently.

Are you still confused of which Sim to use for this Tweak?, incase you have forgotten so soon that I made mention about Etisalat changing their name from Etisalat Nigeria to 9mobile above the lines you read down… i.e. Etisalat is also known as 9mobile.
That aside without wasting much of our time, let me quickly introduce us to the topic of the day, which has lead me to write this post. Please try and follow every procedures carefully to enable you configure the settings correctly to be able to make it work. Because it’s still blazing fast as I write this post, so I won’t be happy to get the Not Working Comments in the comment section below, because I will be updating this very post always to make sure of having settings that works seamlessly.

Requirement for 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2017
·         9Mobile (Etisalat) Sim with no data and airtime
·         Stark VPN [Download HERE]
·         Android Device (4.0 and above)

APN Settings
Name: StonicBlog
APN: 9mobile (text SETTINGS to 790 to get Automatic APN Settings) or use your old Etisalat APN Settings.
Username: blank
Password: blank
Save APN Settings.

Procedures on Settings up 9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat
1.    Download the Stark VPN apk from the link above and install it.
2.    Open Stark VPN that you just installed.
3.    Select any of the servers from USA 1 – 10
4.    Click on the Tweaks button and Select Etisalat 60MB New
5.    Now Hit on the Big Red button switch, once connected it will turn Green when successfully connected.

Congratulations! You just got connected…

Please don’t hesitate to drop your testimony if the above settings worked for you to make others know that it worked for you... and they can try it out too for themselves.

I remain your faithfully boy.
How to Change IMEI of All MTK Android Devices

How to Change IMEI of All MTK Android Devices

This post is for those of us that has been looking for ways to change/tweak their phone IMEI number to enable them get some special benefits or offers from network providers, search no more for you are at the right place.

How to Change IMEI Number for MTK Phones
IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. An IMEI is the unique serial number of every GSM mobile cell phone. The IMEI number is used by networks to identify valid phones and block stolen or blacklisted phones from accessing the network.
In most mobile communication devices, the IMEI appears on the display when a user enters the character sequence *#06# (star-pound-zero-six-pound) into the keypad. And also the IMEI number is printed inside the battery compartment.

Tweaking an IMEI of a MTK device is as simple as warming putting on your phone... because there are so many software(s) out there that has been created for this purpose, but I will be using one of the simplest of all for this post.

Requirements for Changing IMEI on Android Devices

  • MTK Engineering Tool [Download HERE]
  • Your MediaTek Android Phone

Procdures to Get Your Phone IMEI Changed
1. First of all dial *#06# (star-pound-zero-six-pound) on your phone keypad to see the current IMEI number you have currently.
2. Now install and open the MTK Engineering Tool apk that you download early.
3. You will see three different buttons there, but we will be working with just one of them.
4. Click on the second/middle button that displays MTK Settings.
5. Swipe left of your phone screen to navigate to Connectivity Tab and click on CDS Information.
6. Click on Radio Information if you phone is dual Sim, you will definitely find two options.
7. Now click on Phone 1


  • Phone 1 represents Sim 1 slot
  • Phone 2 represents Sim 2 slot

I will be using Phone 1 (Sim 1 slot) for this post, but if you wish to change both Sim slots, then you can do so by repeating from step 7 each respectively.

8. Click on Phone 1, here you will run into a box which all the magic will be processed through. There in the box you will see AT+, click in an empty space, just after the plus (+) sign.
MTK Engineering Mode Start 4

9. Add a space with your spacebar on your keyboard, then backspace it once, a drop list with option will appear.
10. Select on AT+EGMR=1,7,”” which stands for Phone 1 (Sim 1 slot).
11. Now look carefully of the 7, from the option you have selected early, you will see two (2) quotation signs (””), you will be inputting your New IMEI in between the quotations signs.
12. After typing in your 15 digits IMEI number completely, now add a Space in between T & + where you see AT+ e.g. It will look like this AT +EGMR=1,7,”35696505XXXXXXX”.
MTK Engineering Mode Start 5
13. Now Hit on the button that says SEND AT COMMAND below the text-box you inputted your New IMEI number.
14. You will get a text toast that say AT Command is Sent: OK, that means you have successfully tweaked your IMEI number.
15. Now Reboot/Restart your devices and dial *#06# (star-pound-zero-six-pound) again and see if your IMEI has Changed.

That’s all for now. Cheers❤

Should in case you encounter any issue or observations, please don't hesitate to use the comment box below. Also share your testimony by commenting, to able others benefit from this post too. Thank you.

Saturday, July 29

AnonyTun Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing (Updated)

AnonyTun Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing (Updated)

Glo unlimited free browsing is still blazing with AnonyTun and it's very fast. Some few days ago I posted Reloaded Glo Unlimited Free Browsing with custom import tweak via Tweakware which is an alternative for those that can not Buy Premium Account.
AnonyTun Settings For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing
Which only users with Premium Subscription Accounts are currently enjoying it, but today I will be posting something more faster, reliable, which you can use to download very large files on the Internet especially when you have a good Glo 3G network coverage in your location.

The good news is that it’s been working for some days now and still working perfectly as I write this post, I myself has used more than 5GB for just 2 days.

Benefits of Using AnonyTun VPN 
*  Connects Fast
*  Low Usage of Battery
*  Reconnects Faster than Tweakware
*  Runs Smoothly without Premium Account

Requirements to Make AnonyTun Browse Free 
^  Glo Sim with 0.0k airtime and data balance (3G sim preferably)
^  Latest AnonyTun apk (Download Here)
^  Brain for Tweaking

APN Settings:
Name: StonicBlog
APN: glosecure
APN Type: Default,Supl
Username: secure
Password: secure
Leave other settings as they are and save, set as preferred connection.

How To Setup AnonyTun VPN For Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat
=>  After full installation of AnonyTun, locate and open it.

=>  Click on STEALTH SETTINGS at the top right hand side of the app and do the followings.

Stealth Settings Configurations 
~  Stealth Tunnel:  ON
~  Connection Protocol: HTTP
~  Connection Port: 8081 (Updated)
~  Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Toggle ON 
AnonyTun Stealth Settings

=>  Now click on EDIT CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADERS button and and input the settings in HTTP Header Dialog-box.

HTTP Headers
~  URL/Host:
~  Request method: POST
~  Injection method: Normal
~  Check (tick) User-Agent
Updated: Uncheck (un-tick) "Forward Host, Keep-Alive" but if yours disconnects frequently, then tick them back.
AnonyTun HTTP Headers (Updated)
=>  Hold on, just a few steps left for you to enjoy AnonyTun… Now click on GENERATE Button, then VALIDATE afterwards click on SAVE.
=>  Now it will take you back to the Stealth Settings Dialog-box where you started… click on SAVE again on the Stealth Settings Menu, you will be taken back to the Main Page of AnonuTun now.

=>  You should see the CONNECT Button right in front of you with Stealth Settings ON at the top… Hit on it, you will be connecting within few seconds.

Note:  TX means Uploads while RX stands for Downloads.

If there is any question concerning this post, please don't hesitate to use the comment box 

Friday, July 21

Reloaded: Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

Reloaded: Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat

For some days now, many of us has been having difficulties connecting with Glo via one of the best VPN app of its time (Tweakware). But today I want to tell us that it is back and even better with Import Tweak method… whereby you can browse and download with this cheat if you are in an area where there is good network coverage.
Glo Tweakware VPN 6.4
For the benefit of newbies wanting to know or use Tweakware for the very first time, I would have loved to tell us how Tweakware has saved many Nigerians from spending a lot of money on buying data plans, but that will be on a different post entirely… let’s rock on with the topic at hand.

Many of us are already familiar with the name Tweakware since the days of Etisalat Chat Pack, so without wasting much of our time let’s hit the nail by the head.

Requirements for Glo Free Browsing Cheat
  • Glo Sim with 0.0k airtime and data balance (3G Sim preferably)
  • Tweakware 6.4 apk Download
  • Default Glo Flat or Glo Secure APN Settings
  • Tweakware custom tweak – Download
  • Tweakware Premium subscription

How Can I Subscribe For Tweakware Premium Account
  1. Visit Tweakware Official Website, Click on My Account and create a new account 
  2. Click on Buy Premium after successfully creating your account 
  3. Select the Tweakware package and your desired duration, it could either be 1 month ($3 or #500) or 3 month ($7 or #1500) 
  4. You can pay online with your Debit Card or you can perform a mobile or bank transfer to the account shown on the web page 
  5. Make sure you follow the instructions on the page carefully if you’re using the mobile or bank transfer option, once successful, your account will be upgraded in premium instantly.

Latest Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat via Tweakware

How Do I Setup Glo Tweakware Import Tweak For Free Browsing

=> Open your tweakware android application, click on Settings and select Account settings, input your premium account username and password respectively in the correct order.

=> Go back to settings and click on Import Tweak, then navigate to the folder you saved the custom tweak you had just downloaded, click on it to import. You should see a success message if the import was successful.

=> Back to the homepage of tweakware, click on the spanner icon and select Import Tweak (not Glo 0.0k)
Latest Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat via Tweakware
 => Now select your preferred premium server (servers with a star icon) and click on Connect Button, it should connect in less than 20 seconds.

Note: That stability and speed of this Glo free browsing depends on the network coverage in your location.